I’m going back to school this August to do an MFA in creative non-fiction writing. As part of this degree, I have to write a book. I’ve come up with a few ideas for a book, but the one that I keep coming back to is this: Our relationship with food.

Food is… love, comfort, punishment, revenge, guilt, furtiveness. It’s often anything but nourishment. I should know. My own twisted relationship with food has a long and sullied history, which I may or may not go into. What I’m sincerely hoping for is feedback. Lots of feedback. About what food is to you.

And so I offer you my insights, my observations and my own feelings about what food is and hope that you reciprocate in kind.


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  1. Some more – food for thought (pun intended)

    Also look at the relationship that parents have with feeding their children. The desire for better/organic food than they would feed themselves (guilt, status, etc.); also the need that some families have for separate meals for everyone at meal time, ethnic identify/quest for authenticity- even distant – through food – there is so much you could do!

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