Blogging like an extrovert


People who know me would be surprised to hear me call myself an introvert. I like people – well, some people; I quite like public speaking; I will go out with groups of humans and participate in conversations; and other on the surface extrovert-y things. But my recharge time comes when I’m alone or with the company of one or two simpatico people. And if I had to choose, I would always prefer to stay in, in a group of six or fewer people, drinking wine and eating great grub, and yakking.

So here I am, having just finished up a residency for my Master’s where there was much talk of AUTHOR PLATFORMS. Yes, author platforms – getting your brand out. Feedback for me included improving my author platform. Okayyyy. So blogging once every three months is NOT going to help me? Gotcha. Tweeting twice a year? Not going to really solidify a brand. But what is a brand, and more specifically, what is MY brand?

Some of my keener classmates are totally in to this blogging thing and they do it with aplomb. Check out the lovely Nellwyn over at, or Karalee at, or JoAnn at  Now these lasses are fired up and blogging all the time. At least once a week. Nellwyn blogs just about every day.

I just don’t have anything to say. Seriously. My life is really, really, really quite boring. I’m not sure that me blogging about being handcuffed to my computer, or walking the beautiful Nellwyn (the dog, not my classmate), or cleaning my house is of any interest to anyone. I could tell you about what I’m writing about, I suppose, or what I cooked for dinner, but by time I’ve done these things, they’re just not that interesting to me anymore.

However, I will strive to reach out a bit. There might come that miraculous day when someone decides to take a chance on my book and I’ll have to cultivate a few readers. So follow along…you just never know – I might have to leave my house someday to shill this thing and I guess it starts with one reader at a time.

And for no reason whatsoever, except that they made me smile this morning, here are some wild turkeys that have decided to call High Park home. Hello turkeys!


Gobble gobble





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