Why I love Saturdays

Food is happiness

Did I say that I wasn’t going to post photos of my food. Well…I lied. Here is Saturday morning for me. I can’t eat wheat – allergy, not fashion – but don’t like to eat too much gluten free alternatives because they’re really high in sugar and make my ass fat. So I treat myself on Saturday mornings to eggs, gluten free toast and in this case, avocado. Note the very seasoned tea mug that is the last vestige of my triathlon days. It makes me feel all athletic. I also only drink black tea on the weekends because I will never enjoy black tea without milk and sugar and if I have sugar everyday whilst NOT training for a half ironman, there’s the fat ass risk.

I like to get up before everyone else, read the Globe from front to back and drink my delicious black tea. It makes me HAPPY. Therefore, food is happiness.

Do you have a weekend food ritual that makes you happy? Share it with me!


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