But will there be recipes? Instagram photos of your food? What the hell is this?

This Blog WILL NOT HAVE RECIPES. Ok, maybe sometimes. Nor will there BE PICTURES OF MY FOOD. Or at least with less frequency than you might expect.

Not that I’m dissing any of that. Food blogs are great. I get lots of recipes from them – it’s just not what this here’s all about… See About.

I was sitting at table last night with my two teenaged lads and asking them what Food Is to them. My 14-year-old was being a dink, but the 17-year-old said, “Life”. I like that. On so many levels, food IS life. Not only does it nourish us and keep our bodies from, you know, stopping, but it is LIFE with all caps. Think about it: every time you talk about great memories with your families or friends, more often than not these memories involve food.

My favourite family memories are ALL about food. Christmas dinners being a favourite. We would laugh until we couldn’t breathe. And the food! The usual British-type Christmas dinner, but it was just such a comfort. We’d eat until we could eat no more. Then we would eat again. But, I have to tell you, my absolute favourite family food memory is camping. The smell to this day of eggs and bacon cooking on a Coleman stove is manna to me. Nothing – and I mean nothing – in the world is as delicious smelling as that. It also meant that we were all together and my mother was happy, something that I longed for in non-camping life.


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